Chips and Wine? Sí, sí!

December 10, 2010

A few years ago, an American friend was telling me about his trip to Spain. He said he loved the sights, but was surprised to see POTATO CHIPS served up with a glass of wine!

I was surprised by his surprise.  You mean potato chips and wine aren’t normal? I had never really paid attention but when I thought about it, Spain is the only place I have been served chips with wine.  (As I have mentioned previously, the Spanish are very, very smart!)

If you haven’t tried this combination, the salty crunch of a good potato chip goes PERFECTLY with the fruit and tannins of most red wines.  And with a glass of sangría, chips are just heaven.  (When I say “good” potato chip I mean the ingredients on the bag should say: “potato, salt, oil”.  Reconstituted Pringles and artificially flavored chips don’t count.)  Kettle Chips makes a delicious organic variety that you can find in most grocery stores on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although most tapas in Spain are no longer free, you are still usually given a few olives or chips if you order a drink.  At this bar in the center of Madrid, the bowl of chips stays on the counter and the bartender grabs a handful and puts them on a saucer next to your wine glass.

Chips served with wine

And at this restaurant, the chips were sprinkled on top of our tapa assortment.

spanish tapas with potato chips

But you can’t see them because I picked the off and ate them!

So the next time you serve wine, don’t think you have to get fancy.  Just open some good chips and enjoy your vino just like the Spanish do.


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